The Langley Quarter Midget Association is a non-profit organization that specializes in car racing for kids 5-16 years of age.  This sport centres around small competition cars scaled down to one-fourth the size of midget race cars.  The cars are powered by small one cylinder engines similar in size and construction to most lawn mower engines.  The sport is nation-wide with regional and national championship races held each year.  Being a non-profit organization, all funds are derived from membership dues and sponsorship donations.  All members assisting in the sport donate their services and time gratuitously.

If you are wondering about injuries.....or is it a safe sport...... the majority of injuries that occur are of the band-aid type, or happen during child play and not during the actual racing.  The drivers are extremely safe while they are driving, due to the fact that their cars require safety inspection prior to each race, and they wear proper racing equipment like helmets, suits, gloves, arm restraints and neck collars.  Corner workers are present at each and every race, to assist in case of accidents.  ALSO, first year drivers or Novice drivers, are required to attend driver training, and upon completion will receive a certificate which allows them to now race with fellow drivers.

WE WELCOME all enquires, and if you have any further questions any member of our club would be happy to answer them.  Thanks, and Happy Racing.........


© 2017 by Langley Quarter Midget Association. 

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